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Cloud Backup with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography

Secure File Sharing

Eliminate the burden of your hardware



Unlimited backups of any file type

Unlike other services, Backup Freedom does not restrict the number and type of files or the amount of data you can backup and restore each day.

Enjoy the freedom to focus on your goals


with our cost-effective cloud services

Unlimited retention

Also, files deleted from your computer will not automatically be erased from your cloud backup after 30 or even 60 days. So if you accidentally delete an important document and don’t realize it until a month later, you will not lose it. Files are erased from your account only if you choose to do so.

Flexible storage management

Optional data recovery to hard drive/DVD media

Drag-and-drop uploads

Cloud Backup with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography

With FIPS 140-2 mode, our cloud backup service is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard requirements for encryption algorithms and hashing algorithms, as well as generation and management of encryption keys.

Support for local and network drives, external hard drives and other storage devices

Secure access 24/7/365 from anywhere using any device. No software required.

In addition to your automated backups, you can also indipendently move files to your storage from any other computer in order to free up space.

Starting at only $8/month/100GB

Easy file sharing via secure Web portal

With our secure collaboration portal, you can provide your employees, partners and clients with their own login information and access permissions, so you can share files efficiently without relying on email attachments. No software installations required. New clients that sign up for any data backup plan before August 31st will receive the collaboration portal at no additional cost and will only need to purchase user accounts ($6/month per account).